About Us

Who We Are

We are a family owned and operated press and marketing fleet management company who care for and maintain press cars and motorcycles to place them into the hands of the respected and trusted media able to get you the publicity you need for the Western Regions of the US.

Our Approach

We combine experience from many generations to provide the most personable and personal interaction for clients and journalists alike. Our one-on-one management style allows for clients and journalists to receive the attention to detail and answers they need for products. Our decades of dedication to this field has built close relationships with journalists from all over the US and beyond, allowing for a friendly, yet efficient, style of getting your products to the most effective journalists and locations.


To provide strategic placements while providing effective care of all clients’ products which allows for greater public sales for every client.


To improve and maintain every aspect of client-journalist/media relations and efficiency.


We are a group of family and friends brought together with the common interest of cars and motorcycles. Our passion creates the path for constant improvement in every aspect we are involved with from clients to media.

A Bit More

Thank you for visiting The Prietive Group.  Our scope, experience, and honest approach to service make us the most qualified company to meet your press fleet service needs.  We enjoy and take pride in our personal, one-on-one involvement in the quality of the cars and motorcycles we handle, loans we arrange, and automotive press community relationships we nurture.

The automotive media world is constantly changing.  What once was a robust group of specialized journalists writing and reviewing vehicles for major “buff-books” and other print publications has morphed into a system featuring a much smaller number of print specialists along with a vast array of writers, bloggers, and reviewers for many different online publications and car review websites.  Each plays an important role in the promotion of new cars to the buying public.  We perform complete logistics for events such as long leads, short leads, ride, and drive/focus groups with competitive products for internal evaluation.  Our 30,000+ square foot indoor storage facilities are completely secure, equipped with burglar alarm and sprinkler system. We use the Apollo high-pressure ionized water system to clean each vehicle during the detailing process to avoid water spotting and paint damage and wax vehicles on an as needed basis. We have managed as many as 50 vehicles for a single event.

In the automotive business, nothing is more important than the first impression.  The Prietive Group is often the first line of contact between the automotive manufacturer and the automotive media.  We provide a full range of services to each manufacturer, including preparing and delivering cars and motorcycles, contact and outreach with journalists, and event logistics planning and execution.  Additionally, currently most automakers are providing product placement fleet services to film, television, and online media personnel, including celebrity and producer placements, and The Prietive Group is the forefront of these placement services for our clients.